100% responsible ‘Food Range’ released by Cotswold Granaries

Gloucestershire-based Wildlife World has launched a new sustainable product to the market. Cotswold Granaries’ new ‘Food Range’ is packed in fully home compostable packaging made entirely of starch and plant fibres.

The 100% naturally sourced food range is available in six varieties, including high-quality, nutrient dense feed for hedgehogs, squirrels, ducks and swans, plus three mixes for wild birds with the ‘No Mess Mix’, ‘Sunflower Hearts’ and the ‘No Wheat Mix’.

Mark Pitman, general manager at Wildlife World, says: “We’ve always had a strong sense of environmental responsibility here at Wildlife World and its great to be able to offer packaging for a product that is 100% home compostable. Many of our customers are looking to protect and preserve both the natural environment and the creatures that live there, so we believe this new 100% natural food range will be well received. Hopefully, other companies will follow suit, and we can start a trend towards a much more sustainable method of packaging products.”

Luke Davies, product designer at Wildlife World, adds: “Sourcing all of the home compostable materials for the packaging of the new food range proved to be quite a challenge. It seems like we’re one of the only companies offering a 100% home compostable package of this type for wildlife feed on the market, which has meant working with suppliers to create a unique product.”

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