5 year celebration for Dragonfli

Natural gardening company Dragonfli Ltd of Hartest, near Bury St Edmunds, celebrate their 5th birthday this year.

Dragonfli Ltd, founded by Julian and Tracey Ives, are best known as being the company that sells live Beepol bumblebee hives for gardeners. In 2014, Dragonfli took their bees to shows at RHS Chelsea, Malvern Spring Festival, The Edible Grow show and even to BBC Radio Suffolk studios for an interview with Lesley Dolphin!

This year Dragonfli Ltd are launching a new biological control for red mite on chickens using tiny predators that eat the blood sucking mites!

To celebrate their 5 year anniversary, Dragonfli have just relaunched their?bio stimulant called Roots Boost that uses natural Mycorrhiza fungi to stimulate root growth and help plants take up more water and nutrients. Roots Boost is especially effective with bare root trees, roses and shrubs.

It?s going to be a busy 5th year of trading!

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