Yankee Candles, the UK?s leading scented candles brand are pleased to report an excellent first year for their ?Unmanned, Garden Centre Concession? operation.? In this Concession News, we look at the improvements this format has made to the service this established supplier provides garden centres.

Traditionally Yankee Candles have supplied garden centres via their wholesale network.? This operation has enabled them to become a recognised garden centre supplier, maintaining a presence within (approximately) 500 sites throughout the UK.

As the demand for Yankee increased, the Bristol based company were keen to trial new ways to improve the service on offer to their garden centre customers.? As a result, the ?Unmanned Concession? model was created and an initial trial started in 2010 within The Garden Centre Group.

As a result of their success, Yankee has been looking to replicate the efficiency of this format and are thus looking to offer this improved operation to maximise sales from their famous ranges across the sector.? They are now confident that this concept will be their main route of expansion in the future, having completed further installations within a number of new sites in 2012.

During this continued roll out, Yankee completed the installation of their ?Unmanned Concession? into leading Independent Garden Centres such as Bourne Valley Garden Centre, Bybrook Barn Garden Centre, Trebaron Garden Centre and Birkacre Garden Centre (to name a few).

The Yankee brand and garden centre retail environments go hand in hand.? As a result, they are an ideal brand to introduce to giftware departments, with or without existing scented candle ranges.? The management of the company has also concluded that they will be looking at existing wholesale operations to understand how the improved visual displays the ?Unmanned Concessions? provide can enhance sales.

Despite a difficult 2012 for garden centres, Yankee have reported very strong sales from their ?Unmanned Concessions?.? They have cited the additional support this offer gets from efficient, well maintained, merchandised areas as the main reason for the improvements.? The ?Unmanned Concession? areas also receive a regular visit from a Yankee rep to ensure well maintained stock levels throughout the year.

Introducing a Yankee Candles, ?Unmanned Concession,? enables site owners to display the range at no initial cost, receive an enhanced display area with free fixtures and POS, hold a reduced risk on theft and create a regularly maintained, merchandised and restocked area thanks to the management of the product through the EPOS till system.

Garden Centre owners have been pleased with the new approach by Yankee.? Managing stock levels and seeing a rep on a more regular basis has helped them grow sales and provide a better service to the customers.

Yankee Candles

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