Acquisition of Thompson & Morgan by BVG Group

On Tuesday?March 7 the BVG Group acquired 100% of the share capital of Branded Garden Products, the parent company of Thompson & Morgan. The new combined group will have a turnover of ?140m with an EBITDA of around ?13.5m.

BVG Group is a market leader in the direct sale of sporting supplements, fishing tackle, footwear and clothing, as well as, home and garden products. Thomson & Morgan has grown its product portfolio recently to offer the UK?s widest range of horticultural products.? Recent additions to the historic range of seeds and plug plants include garden ready plants, nursery stock, the Van Meuwen range of budget packet seed, hedging and aquatic plants, along with an assortment of complementary items such as compost, fertiliser and related items.

BVG is based in Brecon, Powys, with a distribution centre in Skelmersdale, Lancs. Thompson & Morgan will remain in Ipswich, its home since the company was founded in 1855. ?BVG brings its strength in ecommerce and multi channel marketing to combine with T&M?s deep knowledge of all things horticultural.

Thompson & Morgan will continue to be run as a separate business with its current management team working with the team from BVG to explore opportunities to grow the business and to share best practice.

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