Advantages and drawbacks of bifold doors to your garden

Many residents swear by their bifold doors. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean they are suitable for everyone. Bi-fold doors by Living Space provide a wide range of custom built doors to homeowners who want to make the best choice for their homes. We invite you to carefully read the following guide to the main benefits and drawbacks of bifold doors, in order to decide whether they suit your home or not.

Benefits Of Bifold Doors

The main benefit of bifold doors, in our opinion, is that they help integrating your dwelling into the natural landscape. This is why we recommend them to many of our customers.

Pros And Cons of Bifold Doors

We use solid timber frames and weatherproof glass panes manufactured for us by a WA company. We can pick the right timber to match other wooden elements in your backyard or garden.

The maximum opening of bifold doors is of 90%, thanks to the ability of the panels to fold against each other. This allows the easy creation of an alfresco area, deck or patio without any other expenses. You can enjoy different types of living space without having to extend or remodel your home.

Also, the fact that these doors open to the side saves you from needing to ensure the proper clearance in front of the doors. You’ll be able to make better use of your living space, and also enjoy more light, thanks to the larger glass panes that let a lot of sunshine through.

Drawbacks Of Bifold Doors

In our opinion it’s hard to find any drawbacks to bifold doors. Some homeowners think that the effort of sliding them to the side is too big for them. When closed, bifolding doors offer a limited view by comparison with single, large sliding doors with minimal frames. The only drawback we can think of is that you may not like to have that much daylight and sunshine into your home.

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