• AIPH awards finalists announced

    Ornamentals growers from Germany, Netherlands and China are finalists in the Young Plants category of the AIPH International Grower of the Year Awards 2016: Florensis (Germany/Netherlands), Kunming Hongzhihua Gardening (China) and Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling (China).

    Celebrating the world?s best ornamental growers, the awards gala dinner will take place on Tuesday 28 January 2016, during IPM Essen, Germany, held in partnership with FloraHolland and FloraCulture International.

    Florensis provides professional growers with new varieties and plant propagation material. More than 2,000 employees in Europe and throughout the world produce more than 900 million young plants from seed and cuttings each year.

    Kunming Hongzhihua Gardening Co. Ltd produces and sells cuttings and cut flowers of chrysanthemum. The company?s chrysanthemum cuttings are mainly exported to Japan. In 2014, the export volume was 140 million pieces, which accounts for over 90% of China?s total export volume of these products and 42% of the total import volume of Japan.

    Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling Co. Ltd is a leading horticultural enterprise which initially worked with plug seedling production in China. Bedding plant seedlings are the main products of the company, which include annual and perennial flowers, hanging plants, potted plants, ornamental vegetables and fruit and mosaiculture materials.

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