AMES UK expands merchandising team

AMES UK has expanded its merchandising team as it looks to “further support retail customers across the garden centre, DIY and retail channels, and to ensure optimised sales opportunities on the shop floor”.

The new merchandising team will offer “significant improvements for all customers”, said AMES.

“Led by Dan Charles, Jack Dorien and Brian Cobb, this 40-strong team — which includes new recruits such as Martin Turner and John Evans in recent weeks —has over one hundred years of combined experience; experience that enables them to recognise new merchandising opportunities and create displays that work best for individual consumer demographics in each individual customer centre,” read an AMES statement.

“Covering smaller areas, retailers will enjoy a more personalised and connected service, with more products brought to life in-store,” the company added.

Nick Jones, AMES UK commercial director, said, “Historically we have worked in specific sales channels with specific teams dedicated to these channels; this has meant we only focused on certain parts of our total AMES product offer. Through the 2022 season we expanded the breadth of products that our merchandising team interacted with at store level which we know paid dividends for retailers. This latest development, with the consolidation into one cohesive team, marks a significant milestone for AMES UK and for the service levels we can provide to our customers.”

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