The annual Groen-Direkt Autumn Fair takes place next week

More than 5,500 sample batches!?The annual Groen-Direkt Autumn Fair takes place next week. This is held at the ITC site, Noorwegenlaan 37, Hazerswoude and includes more than 5,500 sample batches of the late summer and autumn product range. 1,000 m2 of sample Christmas trees will also be on display and more than 150 suppliers are taking advantage of the Product Promotion Plaza.

Plants make the difference in a garden

With autumn almost upon us, buyers are again setting their sights on berry-bearing plants, hedging plants and avenue trees. There are, however, still enough people who want to give their gardens and borders some extra sparkle with late summer-flowering plants. This is why the Autumn Fair at Groen-Direkt not only presents a wide selection of typically autumn products but also many different plants that provide late summer interest. The immediately marketable late summer plants will be at their most attractive and well presented. The Autumn product range includes grasses, conifers, avenue trees, asters and skimmias.

Sharp prices on Christmas trees

If you want to be sure of getting Christmas trees of good quality and in the quantities you want, order them during the pre-sale that will start at the Autumn Fair and last until 8 September. Take a look at the marketable product range during the extensive sample presentation at our Autumn Fair. For all the details regarding the purchase of Christmas trees and Christmas Trees XL (3 metres or taller) go to

More than 150 suppliers will be taking advantage of the Product Promotion Plaza to exhibit their plants and to promote their companies and products. If customers want, they can make use of GROEN-Direkt?s logistics and administrative services. Plant ordering is by means of an order form or an app for smart phones and tablets. The order and information desk will take your orders and answer any questions. Delivery is within 48 hours. ?The Autumn Fair will also offer small sales units to allow for customised purchases.

Dates and times: Wednesday and Thursday, 27 and 28 August from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Friday, 29 August from 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.


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