APL gold at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

The APL and two APL members have received a gold medal for their garden at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.

Jody Lidgard of Bespoke Outdoor Spaces and Justin Paxman of Paxman Landscapes UK Ltd offered the support of some of their apprentices and young workers: Jacob and Josh from Bespoke, and Toby and Jack from Paxman. After helping with RHS Showbuilds, including the Homebase garden at Chelsea, this was Jacob and Josh?s first solo garden.

Jacob and Josh built the majority of the garden, with Paxman doing the hedge and tree planting. The APL?s Phil Tremayne designed and planted the planting scheme.

Josh will be joining the APL Apprenticeship Programme this year to continue to develop his knowledge and skills against industry standards.

Penny Evans, APL learning and careers manager, said: ?Any opportunity to build a complete garden is a great experience and shouldn?t be missed. The APL Apprenticeship Programme will hone technical skills and consolidate the learning with a complete build at the end of the apprenticeship.?

The Harrogate Flower Show took place on the 18-20 September.

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