Artificial grass! The new wave

In the past, artificial grass was not much of a popular topic, why because, as with every technology, it takes time for people to accept it and get comfortable with it.

But all that is changing due to the growing technological advancement and the benefits that come with artificial grass.

The general perception used to be that it was most suitable for a football pitch and as such, was costly.

Today a lot of establishments ranging from schools,  churches—to hospitals, airports, and even homeowners are beginning to adopt the use of artificial grass. According to a report by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), by 2080 a lot of businesses will have transitioned to the use of artificial turf due to the climate change

But is this the main drive as to why artificial grass is a growing awareness or are people beginning to see the benefits of synthetic turf ?

Earlier this year, the world’s largest producer of synthetic lawn (CCGrass) signed up Jamie Forrester as a new business development manager, a move rumored to be done to secure a strong position in the UK Market.

Many establishments are beginning to subscribe to the use of artificial turf because of some reasons which are listed below.

 Cost: synthetics are easier to install and cheaper to maintain because it saves a company the trouble of finding the right soil, fertilizers, weeding, watering, etc.

Customization: artificial turfs are easy to shape and arrange in any pattern that any organization might want to portray. Hypothetically speaking, a company that intends to showcase a dominant theme,  can do it easily with the use of synthetic turf.

Eco-Friendly: Organic planting involves the use of fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, and a cultured environment. But with the use of synthetics, all these elements that can bring harm to nature can be truncated. 


The advantage of using artificial lawns and turfs puts an organization at a profitable edge, in that it saves time, budget, maintenance, and most of all, it’s eco-friendly. the question, as to whether or not a synthetic turf is a viable option is a no brainer


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