At-Risk Garden Centres Should Look Through The Benefits Of A Keyhold

Garden centres can prevent employees being threatened or injured or disturbed out of hours when attending security alerts, if they look at a Keyhold from Sector Security that will safeguard both employee safety and wellbeing.

Garden centres are high on the list of targets for thieves thanks to the valuable plants, giftware and other high value items that they hold in stock. Legislation dictates that alarm activations must be attended by a keyholding agent of the business, in order for the police to provide effective incident support. Break-ins lead to someone having to take a decision to go to the premises to check out the situation.

A member of staff attending an alarm activation could be the first person at an unsecured crime scene, which opens an employer up to risk.? Recent corporate manslaughter legislation and the current ?no win no fee? claims culture could expose an employer to litigation and subsequent loss.

Attending out-of-hours could also lead to other issues.? Employees need their leisure time in order to be productive.? Also, if the attendee has had a drink or two while socialising, they could be breathalysed and lose their licence.

Sector Security offers a valuable Keyhold service across the north, which all kinds of businesses use for both peace of mind and to avoid any possibility of a corporate manslaughter case being brought against them.

Sector Security holds a key and, if an alarm is triggered or a break-in or suspicious situation reported, a patrol can go out to the premises, in a marked car, to assess the situation. There is no need for the business owners to attend at all, as the patrol will file a full report and stay at the scene until any smashed windows or doors are made secure.

This service will also operate if the business owner is abroad and needs someone to attend the scene, to avoid them having to return from their travels.? Similarly, if for any reason an employee locks themselves out of the premises, there is no need to smash any windows, potentially damage doors or change expensive locks. This means no locksmith?s call out charges need be incurred.

This peace-of-mind service costs around ?1 a day on an annual commercial contract and can be taken out by calling 01772 794728.? More information about Sector Security, which has been offering security services from the northwest since 1995, can be found at

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