Automated home watering from Hozelock

Hozelock are releasing a new range designed to revolutionise automated home watering in January 2016. The range enables users to save time, safeguard the health of their plants and use less water by making it easy to control their watering remotely, whether watching TV, at work or in the Caribbean.

The range is led by Hozelock?s Cloud Controller which allows users to control their watering via their mobile and the straightforward app. It uses a low-power long-range radio to connect to the internet while the app eliminates any need for complex timer programming, and the device can suggest changes to watering patterns based on local weather data. The controller allows people to manage their own ?oasis? remotely, whether a balcony, patio, garden or greenhouse.

?In a world where 328 million apps are downloaded every day and the typical British household already has at least seven connected devices, gardens are finally becoming a natural part of the connected home,? explained Carol Wright, Hozelock?s UK marketing manager.

The Cloud Controller is complemented by the Sensor Controller range and Easy Drip watering system. The Sensor range automatically adjusts the time the garden will be watered as the seasons change, and can be set to water the garden at dawn, dusk or both. The Easy Drip range of universal drippers enable full control of the water flow and direction, delivering the exact water that plants need. It can be adapted to work for any gardener?s personal space, from gardens and vegetable zones to terraces and balconies, and can be added to an existing system whichever brand it may be.

Available from January 2016: Cloud Controller, SRP ?114.99; Sensor Controller, SRP ?35.99; Sensor Controller Plus, SRP ?44.99, Easy Drip complete kits starting from SRP ?32.99.

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