AutoPot makes holiday watering simple

Green-fingered holiday makers can finally relax during their two weeks in the sun as their beloved edibles and ornamentals will stay watered and healthy, thanks to an innovative new watering solution from AutoPot Global.

The easy2GO is the ultimate holiday watering kit for happy, healthy plants. By incorporating the patented AQUAvalve, the easy2GO will keep plants watered for weeks using a simple gardening tray and reservoir. The easy2GO is placed directly onto the tray along with your potted plants and distributes water to the pots from below.

Ideal for garden centre retail; easy2GO can be installed anywhere in the home, greenhouse, balcony, conservatory or patio and multiple kits can be linked together to keep larger volumes of plants watered while you?re away.

Commenting on the launch of his new product, AutoPot Managing Director and designer of the easy2GO, Jason Ralph-Smith stated, ?the easy2GO Kit introduces AutoPot to a new market of gardening enthusiasts; it offers them the security and results of our commercially-proven AQUAvalve technology in a simple affordable package. Now everyone can benefit from our watering systems, from the casual gardener to the commercial glasshouse grower.?

Visit for easy2GO pricing and product information.

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