Autumn & winter range from Perfect Plants

Perfect Plants are releasing a new product range designed to help you make the most of your garden even in autumn and winter.

Their products are centred on providing warmth and light to ensure use of your garden on a chilly evening is bright, cosy and enjoyable.

The range includes a firebowl and contemporary-style chimenea to keep you warm and comfortable on the patio, whatever the weather. The enamelled globe design of the firebowl comes in a selection of four colours and comes with a cooking grill, and the ?Ellipse? style chimenea has an oval mouth opening and comes with a clay lid.

A Bouffadou fire pipe also features in the range, as well as a chestnut roasting pan ideal for use in a chimenea for roasting chestnuts to perfection.

To keep you warm, Perfect Plants are also releasing a parasol-mounted patio heater, a tabletop heater and a mushroom-shaped heater that hangs from a parasol or ceiling. All three are built with technology that allows them to heat nearby objects rather than release heat into the?atmosphere.

The range also includes solar-powered outdoor lights that come on automatically at dusk, in the form of party lights in different colours or post-lights to illuminate the driveway, fence or decking. There is also a PIR security light with virtually no running costs, with a detection range of 6.5m.

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