Baby Bio ‘grow to show’

Retailers can drive up sales by showing gardeners how to ?grow to show?, according to Baby Bio Vitality.

Bayer Garden Product Manager, Alison Mulvaney said: ?Retailers can create an in-store display focused on the Baby Bio Vitality 2-step feeding programme that shows gardeners how to ?grow to show?.??It?s a great way to drive up fertiliser sales.

?County and village shows are now only a few weeks away.??Gardeners have been carefully nurturing their prized vegetables and flowering plants for a few months.??Garden centres that show customers how to grow award winning fruit, vegetables and flowers with Top Taste or Top Bloom will see sales increase.?

A company spokesperson said: ‘The Baby Bio?Vitality range combines bio-stimulants and nutrients in one product.??Designed to optimise a plant?s development, this mix creates the ‘Activator Effect’, unleashing nature?s full potential by ensuring the plant absorbs the right nutrients at the right time in its life cycle.

‘For accelerated, balanced growth, gardeners should use Top Growth Flowers for plants and flowers or Top Growth Edibles for fruit and vegetables from the beginning of the growing season.??As the flowers begin to form adding Top Bloom to the feeding regime will result in long lasting, bright petals.??Top Taste added to the feeding regime as the fruit and vegetables begin to form will improve ripening and flavour’.


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