Baby Bio? to rejuvenate the houseplant sector

With a host of exciting new products in 2017, Baby Bio?, the trusted ?go to? brand for indoor plant care is set to rejuvenate the houseplant sector in garden centres.

Christina Bouzala, group brand manager at SBM Life Science explained: ?People who understand how to care for their houseplants and recognise the value of feeding are likely to spend more, which is good news for garden centres.??With this in mind, we?re using our social media platforms to show why and how to feed houseplants.??We?re also giving consumers a new, exciting range of products that will help them keep their houseplants vibrant, bright and colourful.

?Garden centres that want to capitalise on this opportunity need to place houseplant food alongside the houseplants themselves in store to drive sales.?

The exciting products in the Baby Bio? range new for 2017 are Baby Bio? Orchid Feed & Mist, Baby Bio? Houseplant Compost, Baby Bio? Orchid Compost and Baby Bio? Pour & Feed Ready to Use.

Baby Bio? Orchid Feed & Mist

Baby Bio? Orchid Feed & Mist contains all the essential nutrients needed to support and prolong flowering.??A fine mist delivers the nutrients to every part of the plant and creates a humid environment within which orchids thrive.??It is available in the iconic Baby Bio? 175ml bottle.

Baby Bio? Pour & Feed

Baby Bio? Pour & Feed is ideal for indoor and conservatory plants, as well as outdoor plants in pots, containers and hanging baskets.??It encourages vibrant blooms and bigger, greener leaves and it is enriched with seaweed.

Baby Bio? Houseplant Compost

Baby Bio? Houseplant Compost is specifically formulated for indoor plants, seedlings, pots, baskets and containers.??Feeding plants for 4 months, Baby Bio? Houseplant Compost is free draining and has added essential nutrients for healthy flower, leaf and root growth, as well as being a peat reduced formulation.??It is available in 10 litre packs.

Baby Bio? Orchid Compost

Specifically formulated for orchids, Baby Bio? Orchid Compost has the open structure and free draining environment essential for the root system of orchids.??It has the added nutrients orchids need for sustained flowering and is available in 5 litre packs.

Part of UK gardening since 1951, the Baby Bio? brand contributes 50.1%?to the value of the houseplant category.??With aided awareness of 93%, higher than any other brand in the market.??Baby Bio? has a track record of innovation.??In 2014 it introduced drip feeders and has grown year on year to become the market leader; Baby Bio? now accounts for 46%?of the drip feeder market.

Baby Bio is a registered trademark of Bayer CropScience Ltd.

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