Bank Holiday weekend predicted to be biggest this year so far for Britain’s gardeners

After a delayed start to the gardening season the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend is anticipated to be the busiest weekend for gardening so far this year.

With the MET office predicting that temperatures will be in the twenties, with the majority of the country experiencing warm and sunny weather. Wyevale Garden Centres expects a surge in sales as shoppers take advantage of the good weather to rejuvenate their gardens, and enjoy their outdoor spaces in the sun.

As the Bank Holiday weekend is this year preceded by the ultimate gardening inspiration courtesy of RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Wyevale Garden Centres anticipate that even the more reluctant gardener might be tempted to get outside and try something new this weekend. This week has already demonstrated the popularity of RHS Chelsea Flower Show and its impact on shoppers, as plants popular at the show have already prompted an uplift in sales instore. Plants like the iris and the poppy which have been favoured by a number of designers at the show have been flying of the shelves already and Wyevale Garden Centres believe this weekend see this trend continued.

Other than impulse trend buys, it is expected that other bestsellers over the weekend will include bedding plants and herbaceous perennials. As gardeners rush to catch up on the effects of the late bedding season, these kinds of plants will help to add instant colour to the garden. Other predicted bestsellers are:

  • Alpine plants such as Saxifrage, Aubrietia and Sempervirens, proving small is beautiful
  • Large specimen plants such as the Red Bottlebrush Callistemon Splendens, help to make an instant statement in the garden
  • The Capability Brown rose range celebrating the famous English gardener with a selection of beautiful roses
  • Fan-trained fruit trees will help you get started on growing your own
  • Lavender and Hydrangea for gardeners who want to stick with firm favourites
  • Pack bedding or for those who want something a little longer lasting choose Perennials that will add pops of colour for the summer

David Mitchell, Plant Buyer at Wyevale Garden Centres says: ?Ordinarily Easter is considered to be the start of the gardening season, but this year there has been a slight delay on that first big dig. As a result we are expecting the upcoming bank holiday weekend to see the nations gardeners come out in force. We are expecting over a million shoppers into our 153 centres over the weekend, and we are anticipating lots of inspired shoppers flocking to emulate the themes they?ve seen at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in their own gardens at home.?

Mike Greenwood, Centre Manager at Cardiff, a Wyevale Garden Centre says: ?Weekends are always busy for us, and bank holiday weekends are even better. Our shoppers have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the Capability Brown rose range in store, which launches this weekend. The range inspired by the famous English gardener has been specially picked to pay homage to certain aspects of his work, and is the perfect way to inject colour into the garden this weekend, so we expect it to be a huge hit with shoppers!?


1. Remember to water: Watering is essential as the weather warms up. We should be giving our gardens a big drink once or twice a day, and water containers and hanging baskets once a day.
2. Make time to mow: A buzzing lawnmower is the quintessential sound of summer. Little and often is better than a big attack every once in a while, so try to cut the grass once a week if possible.
3. Tackle pests: Greenfly and blackfly love the heat, but if you catch caterpillars and aphid infestations early enough, they can be dealt with by hand. Aphids and other sap-sucking insects can transmit viruses.
4. Protect your produce: Home-grown fruit is delicious and fun to grow. Keep an especially watchful eye on it in dry weather ? water regularly and keep picking. Mulching with organic matter will help reduce water loss and suppress weeds.
5. Remember the birds: Do not wait for winter to feed the birds in your garden. If the hot weather continues and the ground hardens, it will be much more difficult for them to find food. Put some out to supplement their diet and help them build their reserves for winter. Birds love to splash about on hot summer days so buy them bird bath to enjoy.


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