Barenbrug UK launches Green Velvet

Now anyone can grow world-class lawns to match their lifestyle and environment?

Grass expert Barenbrug UK has launched Green Velvet ? a range of six premium amenity grass seed mixtures.? Using the same advanced techniques used for developing high quality products for professional groundskeepers; this is the first time Barenbrug?s quality grass seed has been available for consumers to buy.

Now anyone can grow lawns of the highest possible standard and with varieties to suit a wide range of lifestyles and environments.

The Green Velvet range includes:

The All Rounder

A multi-purpose everyday lawn for the rough and tumble of family use while giving a quality and attractive appearance. Rapid germination that withstands heavy foot traffic.

The Action Hero

A hardwearing mix that contains tough wearing grasses, ideal for areas with high traffic of wear. Gives an attractive lawn that?s extremely tough.

?The Emergency Life Saver

The ultimate quick-fix mixture for emergency repairs to give year-round cover. Creates a green lawn fast and can repair after damage in cool temperatures, so perfect for year-round repair. This is the exact same product used in professional sports stadiums for quick repairs and to see the surfaces through winter.

The Perfectionist

A fine and luxury traditional lawn grass seed mixture delivering a quality, fine leaved and dense lawn. Perfect ?front garden lawn? to show off to the neighbours!

The Shady One

A high quality lawn seed mixture specifically formulated to create an excellent lawn under shady places.? Specifically designed to perform under tree canopies with good tolerance to drought.

The Easy Fixer

A revolutionary, one-step quick patch repair kit, combining grass seed with coir compost and naturally occurring fertiliser. Contains twice the amount of grass seed of similar brands and everything needed to produce a perfect result. Literally ?throw and grow? on any surface, even concrete!

All Green Velvet mixtures are available in range of sizes, including 15sqm cartons and 50sqm pouches. For more information please visit: or call 01359 272000.

Why retailers should choose Green Velvet?

  • Beautiful, clearly designed packaging for ease of choice and maximum shelf-appeal
  • Consumers benefit from over 100 years of Barenbrug expertise and heritage
  • First premium grass seed range on the market (highest percentage of high quality grass seed ? no padding with inferior product)
  • State-of-the-art development ensures each mixture solves specific challenges, delivering best-in-class lawns whatever the environment
  • Barenbrug UK grows 80% of its seed in the UK, supporting local farmers and reducing air miles.

Said Paul Warner, Barenbrug UK Marketing Manager: ?Retailers looking to offer superior grass seed for the best lawn possible, can maximise their profits by offering Green Velvet to their customers. Green Velvet offers a host of exceptional benefits for discerning gardeners seeking an effortless and perfect lawn to suit their environment and lifestyle.?

Why choose Barenbrug UK?

Every seed at Barenbrug takes 15 years or more to develop. Once perfected, scientists meticulously mix and test specific formulas that painlessly solve typical lawn and turf challenges.

Green Velvet contains an unprecedented high percentage of top quality cultivars, which means domestic gardeners can now grow world-class lawns, selecting the perfect product to suit their needs and preferences.

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