Bathgate at Glee 2021: What we learned

A big sustainability trend became apparent when Bathgate exhibited at Glee earlier in the year. The supplier reveals how it is catering for this.

For the first time in two years, Glee returned to Birmingham in September and didn’t disappoint. The gardening community came out in force to discover the latest products and best suppliers from across the industry.

At Bathgate, we grasped the opportunity to showcase our horticultural range at Glee and there was one clear trend – a huge rise in demand for peat-free compost.

Although the Government has banned sales of peat compost from 2024, the switch to more environmentally friendly products has been slow. However, the response at Glee signalled the tide is beginning to turn. Representatives from garden centres and nurseries of all sizes came to talk to us about peat-free options and take a look at what we can offer. 

One of the most popular products on our stand was Bathgate’s Champions Blend Peat-Free Compost as well as our Champions Blend Peat-Free Extra-Large Planter. These premium composts comprise additional ingredients that improve performance, including seaweed extract which feeds the plants and boosts growth, as well as a special fungi and probiotic soil treatment.

Made with the finest ingredients and using the latest technology, all Bathgate’s horticultural products are precision blended and regularly tested in our onsite laboratory, ensuring consistently high quality.

“Getting the chance to see and feel our peat-free compost made a huge difference for visitors,” says Simon Keeble, technical sales manager at Bathgate. “The quality shines through and that gave buyers and business owners a lot of confidence in our products and their performance.”

Other products attracting interest were Bathgate’s 50L Peat-Free Multi-Purpose compost and our 50 litre Peat-Reduced Multi-Purpose compost

“We’ve spent considerable time refining the ingredients in our peat-free range, ensuring the right balance of nutrients to optimise performance,” continues Simon. “Some gardeners have been reluctant to move to peat-free alternatives due to concerns about quality. We’re addressing that issue with premium products that won’t disappoint.”

We’d like to thank everyone that came to visit the Bathgate stand at Glee. As well as seeing some of our existing customers, it was encouraging to meet so many new faces. It’s clear that the gardening community is committed to growing greener and the horticultural industry is responding with a greater choice of peat-free products that will meet rising demand and expectations.

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