Bathgate Horticulture wins retail award at Four Oaks

The Bathgate Horticulture team has picked up the award for Best Retail Product or Service at the recent Four Oaks exhibition in Cheshire for their new product, Champions Blend.

The award was won for the new Champions Blend all-purpose compost, part of the Bathgate Horticulture range of products, from Bathgate Silica Sand.

Champions Blend is a premium quality compost containing a unique blend of fertiliser and essential nutrition. The performance of this growing medium is further enhanced by the inclusion of Envii Foundation, REMI.

Envii Foundation is a blend of naturally occurring strains of bacteria and fungi which act as a probiotic for your plant. Envii Foundation bacteria populate the root system to encourage growth and the uptake of vital nutrients for growth, whilst also producing auxins/metabolites for increased plant growth.

REMIN volcanic rock dust conditions and improves the compost by releasing essential natural minerals and trace elements. Remin contains over 50 valuable micro and macro nutrients that enhance plant development and sustain growth.

Seaweed is well reputed for improving overall plant health, increased growth and flavour in edibles. Natural Seaweed extracts are applied to fine zeolite particles to give additional slow release minerals and beneficial plant nutrition.

This high quality compost is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and provides an exceptional environment for the successful growing of:

  • Plug plants
  • Bedding and pot plants
  • Hanging baskets
  • Shrubs
  • Fruit and vegetable plants

Bathgate Horticulture is a range of products from Bathgate Silica Sand, an independently-owned company that has been established for 100 years and is part of the Bathgate Group. The addition of Champions Blend complements Bathgate?s existing range of premium quality horticultural products.

Bathgate is dedicated to providing high quality products and exceptional customer service.


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