Bayer Garden on the road to drive up sales

Bayer Garden is taking to the road in February 2015 to give garden centre staff the information they need to help and advise their customers.

The Bayer Garden training roadshow will be in Cambridge on 2 February, Birmingham on 3 February, Leeds on 4 February, Guildford on 9 February and Taunton on 11 February. If you would like to attend one of these events, please contact your local Bayer Garden sales agent.

“Our research shows that while consumers know exactly what they want to achieve ? a weed free path, avoiding pest infestations or feeding at the correct times ? they often don’t know how,” explained Alison Mulvaney. “Knowledgeable garden centre staff can make all the difference, informing consumers and giving them the confidence that they are making the right choice. Confident customers buy while the research shows uncertain shoppers walk away with nothing.”

In particular, Bayer Garden is educating retail staff about the revolutionary new Baby Bio Vitality range and its two-step feeding regime. Heralding Baby Bio’s move outdoors, the Vitality range has a new balanced formula that uniquely combines bio-stimulants and nutrients in one product. Designed to optimise a plants’ development, this mix of ingredients creates the Activator Effect, which releases nature’s full potential.

“Our research and development experts have proved that with Baby Bio Vitality plants produce more, vibrant scent filled flowers, tastier fruit & vegetables and more produce than ever before,” explained Alison Mulvaney. “To get the best results gardeners need to follow a two-step process, first using Top Growth for Flowers or Edibles and then as the flowers begin to bud or the fruit & vegetables begin to form adding Top Bloom or Top Taste respectively.

During our training roadshow garden centre employees will get the information they need to help shoppers get the right product and go away confident in its use.”

In addition delegates will learn about Bayer Garden’s proven in-store sales strategy for weedkillers; it drove down walk away rates from 64% to 45% in independents. This will also include general information about weeds and how to control them.

There will also be an update on bee populations, which have generally performed well this year due largely to a warmer 2013/14 winter and more available food sources. Information on the new generation neonicotinoids will equip garden centre staff with the knowledge they need to answer consumers’ questions.

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