VIDEO: It’s here, the new BBGrill Orion

OutTrade now selling into garden centres

Check out the video of the new BBGrill Orion, available via OutTrade.

The BBGrill brand offers a wide range of barbecues and pizza ovens where originality and functionality are key. In a category where very little has changed over the last few years, we are always being innovative and developing something that little bit different.

Many different barbecue options
In Bakerstone we have the original portable Pizza Oven, we have the fully independent Lorenzo pizza oven, or the Grand Canyon, an outdoor kitchen that combines a gas and charcoal barbecue and even offers a smoker, perfect for that family gathering on a beautiful sunny day.


Create your perfect BBQ party with the BBGrill ORION barbecue! This multifunctional barbecue is the best example of where BBGrill stands for. The barbecue contains a plancha-cooking ring with the fire part in the middle to reach a high temperature. De ORION, with protected design, is available in two different versions: the modern black look or the remarkable rust version. The stable base in combination with the fire pit and the cooking ring create an industrial look, so the ORION becomes a timeless product which fits in every area.


Functionality, combined with perfect cooking is the key to everything we do at BBGrill. for example our barbecues incorporate quality wheels, allowing you to enjoy good food anywhere in the garden or on your patio, without having to visit a chiropractor. We are always looking to maximize the cooking surface of the grill, to ensure that you can cook as much food as possible at the same time. Functionality and quality are at the heart of everything we do.

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