Be careful in the garden: Over a third of household injuries take place in the garden

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Gardening is a popular hobby across the UK. Many people turn to their garden for a sense of peace and time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, recent research has revealed that over a third of home accidents take place in the garden. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Injuries, a whopping 2.7 million Brits required a hospital visit after an accident at home. Nearly a third of these Brits injured themselves multiple times in the last year alone.

People are likely to encounter more tools and hazards in their gardens. From ladders to lawnmowers, there are numerous garden tools or people to fall over or off, resulting in serious injuries.

In fact, there are over 6,500 accidents involving lawnmowers in the UK every year. Power tools come with a whole host of safety hazards, like overheating batteries and snapped cables. You should give your power tools maintenance checks every time you use them to ensure everything is in good condition. For example, power tools must always be used with a residual current device that will cut off the power quickly if there is an accident. You should be extremely cautious when cleaning a lawn mower’s blades as they can cut you and cause serious injury.

Consider making a claim if you have recently experienced a severe injury at home, which wasn’t your fault.

Ladders cause 21% of injuries at home, especially when used on uneven surfaces like grass. Invest in a ladder with rubber feet to stop it from slipping, and only use it on solid and uneven ground. You should keep the ladder steps dry and clean to prevent yourself from slipping as well. Falling is the most common accident at home, and a cut is the biggest gardening threat. Take safety precautions to minimise your risk of injury – for example, wearing gardening gloves to prevent scratching your hands and wearing strong shoes to mow the lawn.

Please store any gardening chemicals out of sight and reach of children. You should keep your tools in a dry and clean place to maximise their life span. If you’re considering a water feature in your garden, make sure to wait until your children are over the age of five. Pools and ponds can be hazardous for young children, who may stumble into it.

Men are the most likely to injure themselves in the garden. Particularly 55 – 64-year-old men are likely to be interested in gardening and therefore spend more time outdoors. Women are also prone to gardening injuries and should be just as cautious.

To keep your garden safe, tidy away your tools once you are finished with them and wear the proper gear to protect yourself.

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