Beech?s Fine Chocolates re-launches Easter egg range

Not produced for decades,?Lancashire based heritage chocolate manufacturer, Beech’s Fine Chocolates, today announces the?re-launch of Easter Egg options. Originally popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s, when Beech’s supplied World Wide, Beech’s will replicate some of the processes used years ago to produce its new rich dark chocolate egg, suitable for Vegans,?and milk chocolate eggs with embedded honeycomb chunks.

Having invested heavily in attaining premium grade, ultra-smooth recipes whilst still using traditional hand poured methods and recognising that?one of the largest chocolate buying periods is Easter, the Company decided that 2018 would be the right time to re- enter this market.? Both eggs are presented in the Beech’s new style, foil blocked and embossed packaging which is becoming synonymous with the high-quality Beech’s brand.? The Eggs will be priced at ?6.99 and available in several retailers, most notably Booths.

As will be seen from the attached article, written in 1933, Beech’s still aiming to ensure the smoothest, most flavoursome chocolate by ‘conching’ or refining down to a much smaller particle size which in turn increases the burst of chocolate flavour and provides a much silkier texture.? As in the past, making Easter eggs entails a high degree of skill in balancing temperatures and chocolate viscosity. In 1933 the process involved 10% mechanical power and 90% hand power ? despite advances in technology, this ratio still involves 50% of hand power, as all Beech?s eggs are hand poured. The current workforce remains as equally skilled as their predecessors and are long experienced in all the hand finishing techniques required to produce the new Easter eggs.

Detailed sampling is still the province of the discerning owners who check viscosity, temperatures and the quality of the ?temper? which governs the optimum temperature at which the chocolate ?behaviour??can be worked for the best results.

As the 1933 owner, Mr Saunders put it ‘chocolate making is a sort of competition, chocolate versus the human tongue. The tongue is so sensitive that it can select particles of chocolate so infinitesimally small that they can hardly be seen under the microscope’.?Speaking today, current Chairman, Andrew Whiting comments ?Our ultra-smooth chocolate is refined to below 20 microns to be undetectable on the human palette, giving the chocolate a liquid like texture and delicious chocolate hit?.

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