Thermoflor: Bents has everything going for it

Bents Garden Centre is going to expand its premises in several phases to become the number one shopping and recreation centre in the northwest of the UK.?

The expansion will allow the garden centre to widen its range tremendously. The new parts will accommodate a new pet department and sections for the sale of children?s clothing, outdoor clothing and kitchenware.

Bents? extension will also contain a comprehensive Food Hall comprising of a well-stocked greengrocer?s shop, a bakery, a wine and tapas bar, a butcher?s shop, a wine shop and an area for culinary workshops.

Thermoflor?s builders are currently completing the last phase of the work on the extension. The opening of this remarkably versatile garden centre is scheduled to take place around the end of November.


Garden Centre De Boet in Holland now entirely in rural style

Garden Centre De Boet in the Dutch town of Hoogwoud has just completed the second phase of its expansion. After an unheated greenhouse, it was now time for the entrance and the area accommodating the cash desks. The extension has been built in the same rural style as the garden centre, with green wall panels and red roof tiles.

De Boet?s good experiences with the construction of its garden centre fourteen years ago prompted the company to go for cooperation with Thermoflor once again.

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