Bents helps the homeless this Christmas

?Charity begins at home?, or so the saying goes. But for those people who find themselves without a home charity is even more important. With this in mind colleagues at Bents Garden & Home have been busy creating and collecting Christmas gift boxes for the homeless.
A request went out to colleagues to donate a Christmas Gift Box containing usable items. The company has delivered over 70 boxes to the Homeless Support Project in Leigh.
According to the Homeless Support Project, there are currently 20 people living on the streets in Leigh. Volunteers from the charity will visit these with one of the gift boxes. The project will keep the remaining boxes to donate to hostels and made available to those people who do not have a fixed residence.
Says Kim Orson, HR Adviser at Bents Garden & Home: ?Most of us take our lives and what we have for granted. We are the lucky ones but there are people out there who won?t be able to go home for Christmas. They will be outside, hungry, cold and alone. It’s those people who we hope – in a small way – to help with these Christmas Gift Boxes.?
The reverse advent calendar initiative inspired the idea. But instead of donating an item a day, the brought the gifts together in a wrapped box ready to give out on Christmas Day.
Says Kim: ?Everyone deserves a gift at Christmas. The response to this campaign from our colleagues has been incredible. We’re delighted to be able to deliver so many gift boxes. We hope they will make a few people smile over the festive period.?

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