Bents: Wild Wings given more time to find new premises

The team at Wild Wings Birds of Prey Education and Rehabilitation Centre has more flexibility over when they must vacate its current premises, claims a spokesman for Bents Garden Centre.

But its decision to evict the rescue centre still stands, with the spokesman describing it as a ?pressing requirement?.

The not for profit organisation was told on April 2 to stop trading by April 13 and must move out of the facility by April 30 after the team was served with an eviction notice.

Vicki Barton, trainee falconer at the rescue and rehabilitation centre, said they had received no confirmation in relation to an extension of dates.

Vicki added: ?Bents released the statement last week that said we came on site early and with no formal agreement. That is completely untrue.

?We had had months of meetings with Bents prior to the move, after they contacted us to see if we would be interested in relocating to Bents. We did not come on site early and there was an agreement in place.

?We take our commitments and responsibilities very seriously and would never do anything to endanger the health and wellbeing of our birds.

?It would be impossible for anyone to relocate at such short notice. Once a site is found planning permission will have to be obtained prior to building. The timescales Bents are imposing are totally impractical.

?We never wanted to get into a war of words but are being forced to defend ourselves. We trusted in Bents and would never have moved here had we known this would happen.?

The Wild Wings team is now looking for a plot of land to relocate to in the coming weeks.

If you can help Wild Wings visit?

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