Besp-Oak re-opens showroom after devastating fire

Following on from a devastating fire in January, the Besp-Oak Coventry showroom has re-opened its doors.

The showroom has now been completely refurbished into a six floor showroom, offering 53 ranges across the 31,000sqft showroom.

In addition, the company has also installed a new website and ?140,000 worth of back-office software system.

It is open 9-5.30pm weekdays and at the weekend by appointment.

The showroom is situated only 15 minutes away from Birmingham airport and a 10 minute walk from Coventry rail station. It is just off junction 3 of the M6.

Every Besp-Oak product is useful, beautiful, dependable and enduring. That way, fair trade is neither a charity nor a compromise but a real delight you?ll be proud to welcome into your home.

Between Besp-Oak and the main suppliers in Vietnam, India? and Thailand, the company negotiates fair and proper prices and pay for our furniture as each shipment sets sail. No waiting, no cash flow issues, no financial juggling. Besp-Oak and partners have been working together for years now, and the way they work means they’re a big part of the progress and growth.

Besp-Oak’s success brings more jobs, more trade and more financial stability not just for the company but for the families and community it supports. Their smaller subcontractors thrive too.

For example, through growing trade, one has been able to buy the land that its workshops are on. The company sees it all happening when they visit regularly and celebrate all these continuous developments. They’re proud to be part of what?s being achieved in every department, especially for the people they?ve come to know so well.

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