Bespoke nursery trailers available from SCH (Supplies) Ltd

A four wheel turntable nursery trailer has recently been designed and constructed by SCH (Supplies) Ltd in conjunction with their customer, a plant wholesaler based in Burnley, Lancashire.

Four trailers were manufactured that can be hitched together to form a ?train?. This particular design used a ball hitch to connect the trailers and attach to the towing vehicle, but SCH say that any type of hitch can be used.

The trailers were designed to be of a suitable height to be comfortable and easy to work with, and to display products to the greatest advantage. Peter Thompson of Park Lane Plants says he is very happy with his new trailers.

SCH are experienced at designing and construction bespoke items like these, and invite enquires from trade professionals as well as members of the public to see if they can bring an idea to life. Variable sizes, hitches, heights and configurations can be quoted for, so please call SCH on 01473 328272 or email

The range of products, including sprayers, water units and lawn care systems, as well as the trailers, can be seen at Park Lane Plants can be found at


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