Birstall launches Lucas Stone Range

Birstall Garden and Leisure have today announced the launch of their Lucas Stone Range. Established in 1969, this Leicester-based company has built up a reputation as the go-to garden and leisure store. The company is moving with the times, and this range signifies a changing of the tide in the garden furniture market.

A company spokesperson commented on the announcement “We are very happy to announce that, in addition to our various garden and leisure products, we are now offering customers the Lucas Stone Range. These enchanting pieces are hand crafted using traditional methods, and their introduction is a testament to our continued commitment to quality, and the increasing emphasis that consumers are placing on quality. Garden ornaments can often be tacky, but this range is of the very highest standard, and aims to leave customers speechless.”

Something a bit different

This news demonstrates the current desires of the garden and leisure market. Customers now want unique, hand crafted pieces for their gardens, and the below examples from the company’s website are an apt demonstration of this.

Meditating Buddha

Items such as this showcase the Eastern influence that this company has incorporated into its product choice. The eclectic tastes of the British public have resulted in great demand for pieces such as this, while the range’s rustic nature means that weather is not a factor – certainly something else that will please British consumers.

Square reservoir

As the name suggests, this product is a water feature, and its unique design is exactly what British consumers are now looking for – eye catching and exotic garden features sure to pleasantly surprise guests and bring the garden to life.

Art of stone – owl

This product is an example of the company’s more modern offerings. While influence from abroad is certainly something cherished by potential customers, British consumers also like to see more contemporary products, and this stone carved owl is the perfect example. Certainly at home in the garden, creations like this appeal to the more nature oriented customers using the company’s services. In actual fact, this product is produced in conjunction with sculptor Paul Harvey, and is sure to appeal to the refined tastes of today’s garden and leisure market.

The fact that Birstall Garden and Leisure have made it a priority to offer customers the Lucas Stone Range marks the evolution of British tastes. With more people exploring the world than ever before, there is an increasing demand for products with multinational influence.

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