BisBas predict gluten free market growth

The gluten free market is ever expanding and has seen the largest growth in the free from sector, and family owned company BisBas who specialise in their range of gluten free sauces have put together their predictions thoughts, opinions and statistics on the free from industry.

According to information presented at the Food and Drink?s Innovation Free-From conference the UK gluten-free market is forecast to grow by 46% to ?561 million by 2017 and it has already seen a double-digit growth since 2008. In addition in 2012, total free-from sales in the UK were valued by Kantar Worldpanel at ?288m and this figure has grown by more than 25% during the last year.

Muna Khorsheed Marketing Director at BisBas explains ?We found that a number of our friends and family were finding it difficult to get hold of tasty and authentic ethnic cooking sauces that were suitable for their dietary requirements. We decided we needed to come up with a solution and BisBas cooking sauces were born! We wanted to make sure that our sauces would be aromatic, flavoursome and that they were also gluten free, nut free, wheat free and be suitable for vegans and vegetarians. On top of that we wanted to make sure that they had no artificial colours or flavours, this way we could cater for diverse range of dietary needs.?

The growth of ethnic food has also been a positive factor for the demand of BisBas sauces as Muna comments ?We believe the ethnic food market is also growing rapidly due to consumers increased knowledge of ethnic cuisines and the growing eating-in trend. Consumers are also travelling further and want to experience these tastes when they get back. In addition shoppers are definitely more conscious when it comes to checking labels and ingredients customers want authentic products that are convenient and healthy that is why we have gone to long lengths to ensure that our products are suitable for the fussiest of pallets. We really do think our BisBas sauces are unique as there are very few ethnic cooking sauces that are also gluten, diary and nut free. We have also had some fantastic feedback from a number of independent retailers and delis, particularly when we have been holding taster sessions at various stockists which have been very successful.? For example every time a taster event takes place our BisBas product sales double not to mention positive feedback from majority of the customers at the store too.?

According to the Key Notes the Ethnic cooking sauce and seasoning market is worth more than ?700million in UK with more than 3% year on year growth rate, which will reach ?816million in 2016. Kantar also suggests that 94% of UK households buy cooking sauces during the year.

The BisBas sauces come in three delicious varieties; Fozia a sweet tomato and coriander Arabian cooking sauce which contains black onion seeds and green chillies, a sweet and tasty sauce full of flavour. The second sauce in the range is Safia an aromatic tomato based sauce with flavours of garlic and herbs with a fresh, mellow and rich taste. The third sauce in the range is Saba which is a spinach and coriander sauce which has a very unique fragrant and fresh flavour. All three sauces come in 350g jars with a RSP of ?3.75. All of the BisBas sauces contain Middle Eastern spices and flavours that have been used for thousands of years.

BisBas is a family run company founded by two Arabian sisters in laws and based in Tunbridge Wells BisBas was created after two sisters in laws Muna and Muna decided to share their love of Middle Eastern cooking. Their traditional family recipes led them to create their delicious and exotic range of gluten free cooking sauces. The BisBas sauces are available in selected independent retailers.

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