BIZZ Holland to have a new look & feel at IPM Essen 2017

At the next edition of the Internationale Pflanzenmesse (IPM) in Germany, 60 Dutch horticultural companies will be exhibiting their products and services on a new BIZZ Holland stand in hall 12 (stand number 12A20). The fair will be held in Essen from 24 to 27 January 2017.

Hall 12 is traditionally the Dutch hall for nursery stock products. For the fifth year, BIZZ Communications is organising the BIZZ Holland stand in this hall. At IPM 2017, a new look & feel which resembles the redesigned entrance to hall 12 is being introduced. The design, based on pallets, has a natural look and enables the fresh and clear layout of the 60 stands. An impression of the stand and the layout can be found on the BIZZ Communications website.


The participants come from the nursery stock regions of Boskoop, Opheusden, Venlo and Zundert, among others. The companies will be presenting their current range of garden plants and trees for 2017.


The BIZZ Holland stand provides a good reflection of the Dutch range of nursery stock products. In order to highlight the range, tours will be given at 10 am and 2 pm every day. Trade press and trade visitors will be guided past the highlights of the BIZZ Holland stand, during which their attention will be drawn to the specialisations of the various companies. The aim of the tour is to focus on the Netherlands as an outstanding country for nursery stock products. The starting point is the central information desk on the Plantarium Promotion Square (Plantarium Promotie Plein).

?Plantarium Promotion Square

The international nursery trade fair, Plantarium, has a prominent presence on the BIZZ Holland stand. On the Plantarium Promotion Square, Plantarium will be presenting the theme of the 35th edition of the fair which runs from 23 to 26 August 2017. Information about participating and visiting Plantarium will also be provided. Companies which cannot currently participate in the BIZZ Holland stand and are Plantarium participants (or plan to be) will be given the opportunity of presenting their products to the international trade public on the Plantarium Promotion Square.

?BIZZ Communications

BIZZ Communications provides the communication for BIZZ Holland and the participants. Alongside IPM and Plantarium, the programme includes other international fairs and trade missions. The programmes which are currently being researched or implemented can be viewed on


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