Black Friday delivery back-up from Secured Mail

As retailers prepare for Black Friday on 27 November, predicted to be the UK?s first ?1bn online shopping day, Secured Mail is offering a ?disaster recovery? contingency to help online retailers whose delivery channels fail to cope with increased demand.

Black Friday 2014 left many retailers unprepared with lost orders and delayed deliveries.

Mark Bigley, chief executive at Secured Mail (pictured), explained: ?Black Friday is a huge sales opportunity for online retailers but increased demand often puts a strain on logistics. Retailers only have one chance to get it right ? customers won?t forgive a second fail.

?Our aim is to help retailers cope with the sales surge as efficiently as possible and avoid many of the logistical issues experienced around Black Friday 2014. We can step in to sort out last-minute logistical issues real-time during Black Friday.?

Advanced technology allows Secured Mail to handle 10 million items of post every day at its fully automated hubs in Warrington and Luton.

The company?s list of top tips for online retailers to consider when it comes to choosing the right delivery partner this Black Friday includes:

  • Choose a delivery partner who values your customers as much as you do
  • Customers need to know how their order is progressing; keep them updated
  • Work together with your delivery partner to plan for increased volume of orders
  • Monitor and detect logistical issues before they have any impact on the customer
  • Prepare a contingency plan for deliveries and put it into action before crisis point hits.

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