Black Magic from Scott’s Miracle-Gro gets long-awaited launch

BLACK MAGIC Potting Mix is a new premium compost for young, urban consumers growing plants, fruit and vegetables. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it boasts higher yields and faster growth than other products on the market.

BLACK MAGIC compost is made up of high grade materials, boosted with four extraordinary ingredients ? bat guano, worm casting, humic acid and Biochar to enhance growth. Ideal for use in pots and containers, it also contains coco-coir, perlite and zeolite, which optimise the compost structure and maximize water retention to sustain lush growth for all plants.

Black Elixir plant food is launching alongside the BLACK MAGIC Potting Mix. The pure concentrated juice is extracted from organic matter and enriched with Humic Acid.?The plant food accelerates nutrient uptake, improves drought resistance and stimulates root growth to ensure heavy flowering.

Sheila Hill, general manager of Scotts Miracle-Gro, said:??BLACK MAGIC is a very exciting launch for Scotts Miracle-Gro. The brand is unique and stands apart from all products currently on the market. The products combine premium ingredients created by experts with a home-crafted approach.

?We predict it will disrupt the marketplace, delivering fantastic results for urban and container gardeners with limited space.?

The new products will be available from February 2017 in Homebase, Bunnings and Amazon retailing for:

Potting Mix, 20 litres – ?9.99

Black Elixir Plant Food, 1 litre – ?7.99

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