Blacksmith: quality and style guaranteed

Blacksmith hanging baskets deliver on quality and style, made from hand forged, heavy duty wrought iron and each with a hand-crafted twist metal design.?

Market intelligence shows consumers purchase quality metal baskets every three to five years, so as a mark of excellence, the whole Blacksmith range carries a 5 year guarantee.

Each product also benefits from a deeper shaped basket, holding more compost and helping to create fuller displays season after season.? Each product has a powder coated finish as opposed to plastic to ensure they withstand the elements and do not fade or blister in the sun over time.

Gardman?s Marketing Director, Sarah Downing, explained: ?With the confidence that a Blacksmith basket will last for years to come, we?ve also turned our attention on encouraging consumers to repeat purchase plants, liners and sundries to ensure retailers drive footfall and linked sales throughout the season.

?Our research demonstrates that consumers want to understand the ?possibilities? at the point of purchase to help them create their own stunning floral displays.? Retailers also recognise that there is a ?disconnect? between planted displays and hardware in-store so this season we have worked closely with customers and target shoppers to help us create market leading initiatives.?

The marketing initiatives designed to support the Blacksmith range include:

  • ?Partnering with a horticultural expert to offer consumer inspiration and seasonal planting guidance. This includes the creation of engaging video and in-store materials.
  • Investing in consumer marketing through targeted national advertising, regional radio campaigns and in-store events.
  • ?Improving in-store merchandising approach, introducing creative POS materials, a basket display feature area and seasonal consumer planting guides.
  • Encouraging link-sales by introducing a stepped plinth option to accompany the merchandising unit, enabling retailers to link plants and sundries to create seasonal offers.

The Blacksmith Range:

  • 5 year guarantees: Across the range of baskets, troughs, planters and wall mangers.
  • Expertise: Through market knowledge and via the horticultural partner.
  • Style & Quality: Heavy duty wrought iron baskets with increased gauge of metal, a twist design and powder coated finish.
  • Hand Made: Premium quality and craftsmanship built to last.


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