Blooms: Destroyed site still waiting to be cleared

An investigation into a fire which destroyed the popular Blooms garden centre in Cardiff last week has now finished.

Blooms Garden Centre on Newport Road in St Mellons was gutted by a large blaze on November 20.

Witnesses described the flames as up to 35ft high as it affected around 70% of the building.

Firefighters from South Wales Fire and Rescue Centre brought the fire under control after three-and-a-half hours.

It was still smouldering on Friday.

All that is left of the site is a skeleton of metal girders in a pile of ash and rubble.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said the fire was accidental and concluded its investigation on Friday.

A spokesman for the fire service said the fire was caused by an ?accidental ignition? but was unable to provide any further details on how this happened.

The service said final confirmation can only be made once the site is cleared as the structure is currently unsafe.

The spokesman said: ?It was a difficult investigation due to the danger of structural collapse of the remains of the building. The loss adjusters will attend the site and contractors will remove the remains of the structure at a later date.?

The spokesman said the site was re-inspected on Monday and that no other inspections are planned for the future.

He said 24/7 security is being provided at the site and that it is now waiting for the site to be cleared.


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