Blue Cap Coffee announces supply agreement of Lavazza BLUE Coffee Concept with the Hillview Garden Centre Group

Littleheath in Bromsgrove is the most recent addition to the fast growing Hillview Garden Centre Group set up by Boyd Douglas-Davies in 2011 and the first of the group to adopt the increasingly popular Lavazza Blue Coffee system. ?Blue Cap Coffee is the nominated distributor of this Lavazza concept in the UK and their service is ideally placed to help garden centre caf?s take advantage of the increasing demand for quality coffee.

Offering a free on loan machine, which is both easy to use and maintain, Blue Cap Coffee offers an internationally acclaimed brand which delivers consistently great tasting coffee supported by excellent service. ?This coffee offering rivals and exceeds many of the High Street offerings.

John Williams, Managing Director, says; ?We know that a good garden centre caf? can contribute up to 50% of turnover, with customers increasingly seeing garden centres as a favourite place to visit and socialise without necessarily making a garden related purchase.?

The Lavazza BLUE capsule machine guarantees excellent coffee ? the machine is so simple, after a short training session caf? managers can relax knowing that on busy days each and every cup will be as good as the last.

When coupled with the level of service that Blue Cap Coffee provides, the respect that the Lavazza brand enjoys and the sheer simplicity of the system, Williams is confident that Douglas-Davies? decision to use Lavazza Blue in the Hillview Group will be just the beginning of Blue Cap?s partnership. In addition to the coffee offering, Blue Cap offer an extensive hot drinks portfolio and many other complimentary products for the garden centre cafe.

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