Blue Diamond sponsors TREE AID

Blue Diamond, one of the UK?s leading garden and living centre groups, has announced a new sponsorship with TREE AID, the non-profit organisation based in Bristol, England, that works to create sustainable communities in dryland areas of Africa. For every tree sold by Blue Diamond?s 17 garden centres in England and the Channel Islands, the Blue Diamond Group will make a donation to help TREE AID plant a tree for a family in Africa and then teach them how to make sure it thrives.

Blue Diamond Group managing director Alan Roper said: ?We?re really delighted to be working with an organisation whose belief in the value of trees in creating a healthy environment matches our own, and we hope this new sponsorship arrangement will lead to the planting of many more trees both in the UK and in Africa.

?We believe our customers will find it rewarding to watch their own trees bringing flowers, fruit and wildlife to their gardens, and to remember that their decision to plant a new tree has brought the same benefits to a family in Africa.?

TREE AID ?s CEO John Moffett commented: ?Our sincere thanks go to Blue Diamond for agreeing to support our work.

?In some of the dryest parts of Africa trees can mean the difference between life and death. Cared for properly, they provide fruit, nuts and leaves that sustain families and livestock, enrich soil so that other crops can grow better, and enable villagers to make and sell tree produce. This brings them money to buy medicines, clothes and school supplies for their children.

?Over the last 30 years our approach has led to the planting of 10m trees to help more than a million people to help themselves out of poverty. With support from individual donors and from large corporate sponsors like Blue Diamond we aim to plant many more.?


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