Bord na M?na ? at the forefront of sustainability

Sustainability is the heartbeat of Bord na M?na?s business. It means building a future where Bord na M?na is a profitable company that is committed to protecting the environment. Bord na M?na has strong links in the communities they serve going back generations and their sustainability agenda is deeply invested in creating the brightest possible future for them.

When Bord na M?na was first established over 80 years ago, its remit was to deliver a sustainable industry in Ireland by harnessing the country?s indigenous and natural resources. Viewing themselves as the ?stewardships? of the 200,000 acres of land and bog owned by the company, this is considered as one of the most important asset. Bord na M?na has an extensive bog restoration programme in place, and each of its peat harvesting areas has a planned after-use. These are either conservation or long term after-use programmes, including the creation of wetlands and forestry.

Over the last 10 years, more than 1,000 hectares of raised bog in the midlands have been restored, helping to provide a focus on biodiversity which contributes to climate stability, protects water resources, forms and protects soils, stores and recycles nutrients, and maintains a healthy ecosystem.

The horticulture division substitutes peat with non-peat diluents in its growing media products to support the reduced peat agenda.

Bord na M?na is leading the development of alternatives to peat based growing media focusing on green compost, and has the largest green composting facility in Ireland taking in garden waste and large quantities of spent grain. This green waste includes last season?s plants, grass cuttings and hedge clippings, forestry by-products and naturally sourced nitrogen.

De?rbhail Ni Chualain, innovation, research and development manager, Horticulture, Bord na M?na said: “The retail sector has been coming under pressure to reduce peat in growing media products. Bord na M?na have taken the responsibility to do just that in their growing media ranges. Many believed that reduced peat or peat free growing media would result in an inferior product. However, we have proven that you can equal the same quality and performance using peat alternatives in peat reduced media.”

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