Bord na M?na Growise’s new fertiliser range paves the way to unique POS concept

Modelled on the consumer-friendly matrix style of shelf barker familiar in the automotive aftermarket, the Bord na M?na Growise Product Picker enables the consumer to select the most appropriate fertiliser for their individual plant, crop, or garden project.? Innovative and eye-catching, the Product Picker is easy for the consumer to flick through at the point of sale, while being compact, convenient and moisture proof to meet the needs of the garden retailer.

Charles Farmer, head of sales UK said: ?We believe this POS format is a first for this sector of the market and it complements the consumer-friendly pack sizes and innovative formats we have also developed to make this fertiliser range the most progressive in garden retail.?

The new Bord na M?na Growise fertilisers range comprises Growmore, Fish, Blood & Bone, Bonemeal in 10Kg, 3.5Kg and 1.5Kg granules, Sulphate of Potash, Sulphate of Ammonia, Superphosphate, Sulphate of Iron, Epsom Salts in 1.5Kg powder form,? a 3.5 Kg granular formula of Lime, 10 Kg and 2.5Kg pellets of Chicken Manure, 7Kg, 3.5Kg and 900G granules of Slow Release General Purpose, 3.5Kg and 1Kg granules of Rose, Tree & Shrub, 1.5 Kg granules of Ericaceous, a Compost Maker, three types of All Purpose fertiliser and a 20 tablet pack of Water Retaining Gel.

Charles continued: ?This level of product development reflects our confidence in the Bord na M?na Growise brand and how it has been received by our consumers. The overall message is that this is a best in class proposition backed by security of supply. Our mission is to ensure the consumer can buy the very best performing product whatever the task at hand.?

Bord na M?na UK offers peat-based and peat-free growing media and soil improvers, primarily through garden centres nationally.? It is also the largest own brand supplier of compost and bark in the UK. ?It is part of?Bord na M?na plc, which specialises in renewable energy, horticulture, resource recovery and eco-fuels.

The horticulture business is focused?on the marketing and sales of growing media and other horticultural products to UK and Irish retail markets and also professional markets primarily in the UK, Ireland and Europe, where it provides innovative product and supply solutions to meet customer needs. ?The business exports growing media products to over 30 countries and its goal is to become the leading supplier in the markets that it serves.

Retailers interested in working with the Bord na M?na Growise brand can call on 0800 973 555, email or visit the website

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