Bord na M?na UK (BNM UK) has put together a campaign to help garden centres promote soil improvement in the aftermath of the extreme wet weather.? Entitled ?After The Rain ? it?s time to give your soil some TLC??, the campaign package includes point of sale and promotions on relevant organic soil improver products marketed under the Vital Earth brand.

Head of Consumer UK, Steve Harper explained, ?Whether or not consumers have seen actual flooding, their gardens will really have suffered in the wet weather. Nutrients in the soil have been washed away by the rain, leaving it unproductive and now is the perfect time to restore soil vitality by digging in organic matter.

?For Vital Earth customers, that?s an easy message to deliver to consumers thanks to Vital Earth?s perfect range of organic soil improvers, all natural and ideal for the task.? We are providing point of sale specific to this topical message and sales incentives to ensure that retailers can benefit from this opportunity.?

Consumers can choose from a selection of appropriate Vital Earth products:

-?????? Soil Improver ? adds natural feed and absorbs/retains moisture

-?????? Farm Yard Manure ? adds rich organic matter to encourage fertility, Invigorates all Soil

-?????? Organic Garden Compost ? improves and invigorates all soil types

-?????? Top Soil ? sterilised organic boost for raised beds and borders

-?????? Garden Soil ? balanced natural ingredients and nutrients for raised beds and borders



Retailers interested in taking part in the campaign should contact Bord na M?na UK by emailing or calling the company on 01278 436893.


Bord na M?na UK?s parent company drives initiatives in green electricity, fuels, resource recovery, water and horticulture in Ireland, where it leads the way in peat reduction through its ?Contract with Nature?.

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