Bosch launch new battery powered mower

Bosch have launched a new range of battery powered mowers designed to half the noise of conventional petrol mowers.

The mowers, which are designed for professional use by council, landscape gardeners and ground staff, also bring relative peace and quiet to public places.

The new models are quiet enough for operators to talk easily above the noise and are also quieter than some domestic vacuum cleaners.

?We?re pleased to bring a bit of relative hush to suburban mornings,? said Joao Barufi, mowing expert at Bosch.

?According to our polling, mower usage on the weekend is something that most of us grumpily tolerate but don?t really like.

?Our new quieter range of professional mowers will get the work done more quickly and reliably with a fraction of the noise.?

Bosch has also developed a new professional battery-powered strimmer range that is considerably quieter.


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