Bosch has most successful year for lawnmower sales

As 2014 draws to a close, Bosch has just announced its most successful year for lawnmower sales ever.

Andreas Andorfer, Managing Director of Bosch Lawn & Garden said: ??As a company with a manufacturing plant in the UK, we are pleased to have great news on the lawnmower front, we have been able to breach the 100 million Euro turnover mark. October saw sales sky rocket, beating the previous year?s October by over 40% turnover – which means that we have had our most successful year for lawnmowers ever. In addition, our new models are achieving 4 and 5 star average ratings and are very well received by customers across Europe.

?We will continue to concentrate on engineering and further develop and enhance our product range, especially in the cordless sector. With the new corded and cordless lawnmower range being introduced to the UK in 2015, Bosch Lawn and Garden is looking forward to continuing this winning streak.?


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