Boskoop Spring Fair to kick-start the season!

As 2015 dawns, the first Groen-Direkt plant fair of the year is now on the horizon. The annual Spring Fair held at Hazerswoude, Boskoop will take?place on Tuesday February 3rd and Wednesday February 4th.

6000 sample batches

This outstanding event provides more than 6000 sample batches of garden plants. This event will offer discounts of up to 10% on first-order concepts. Orders can be secured on smartphones, tablet apps or order forms, all for delivery within 48 hours.

Garden trends for 2015

There is clear evidence that edible gardening including herbs, fruit and vegetables will continue to flourish in 2015. ‘Grow your own’ is still popular across Europe and Groen-Direkt carries many lines that accompany this sector.? Gardens in 2015 look set to have a wild look! Birds, butterflies and wild flora so bird-friendly shrubs with berries conifers and fruit trees will be on display.

Blue is the trend colour for 2015 from the pale blue of Myosotis to bright blues such as Meconopsis and Anchusa azurea. The event will also focus on the instant, easy garden including potted plants.

Unique Formula

The combination of 30 sample fairs per annum and the Groen-Direkt workshop enables this unique event to offer a wide range of garden plants throughout the year. A daily capacity of 3500 CC trolleys and logistic flow data from the website is a key factor to this formula.

Garden Retail Experience

?Following the Spring Fair, there is a two day conference at the Plantarium Building covering aspects of cross-selling, merchandising and marketing.

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