Brantano to roll out garden centre concessions

Footwear retailer Brantano plans to roll out its garden centre concession model to a further 30 outlets this year, to hone in on the lucrative over-50s market.

Brantano, owned by Dutch firm Macintosh Retail Group, opened three concessions in garden centres last month ? two in The Garden Centre Group?s Huntingdon and Hereford branches and one in independent garden centre Pugh?s in Cardiff.

Another two will open in The Garden Centre Group?s Brighton and Shenstone in Staffordshire sites later this summer and Brantano is also holding discussions with another independent company about a further concession.

David Short, managing director of Macintosh Fashion UK, said the initial results of the concessions were ?very positive?.

?They have been very well attended so far. Garden centres suit retailers targeting certain demographics. For young kids and families they are great as it?s a day out as there are usually restaurants and play areas nearby.

?On the other side of the scale retired and more mature people are also great customers so, if like Brantano, your target consumer fits either or both of those profiles, garden centres are a perfect fit,? he said.

Brantano is the latest retailer seeking to tap into garden centres? mature customer base. In October?Bonmarch? signed a deal with The Garden Centre Group?to open stores in four branches including Bicester Avenue in Oxfordshire.

Brantano currently has 18 concessions and 148 standalone stores in the UK.


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