BRC: ‘fewer but better retail jobs’ by 2020

The British Retail Consortium has published a paper, predicting ?fewer but better retail jobs.?

A BRC spokesperson said: ?The rate of change within the retail workforce is set to quicken as the digital revolution reshapes the industry, more property leases come up for renewal and the cost of labour goes up, while the cost of technology goes down.

?These effects could mean there are as many as 900,000 fewer jobs in retail by 2025 but those that remain will be more productive and higher earning.?

The spokesperson continued: ?Encouragingly, the result will see improvements in the quality and variety of the offer to customers, continuing competitiveness in pricing and greater productivity from fewer but better jobs. Our report is based on detailed research and modelling across the industry, involving the most senior executives in retail businesses. It considers the implications for jobs in the industry, the profile and aspirations of the workforce to 2020 and beyond.?

BRC Chief Executive, Helen Dickinson, said: ?The key conclusions of today?s report are not surprising ? there will be a further contraction in retail space and a reduction in the number of people employed in retail.

?Individual retailers will find their own paths to 2020 and beyond but from an industry perspective, we hope to see technology and competition resulting in better experiences for the customer and better jobs for those working in retail.?

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