British artist brings wire birds to life at Hampton Court Flower Show

British artist Barbara Franc has created a stunning display of Great British birds using steel wire produced by Ormiston Wire. The unique exhibition will be among an array of artistry on show at this year?s prestigious Hampton Court Flower Show.

Barbara transforms old into new by combining recycled and discarded materials with strong and reliable Ormiston Wire?to create a unique variety of sculpted birds and animals. Barbara?s small flock of life-sized British birds includes Great Tits, Greenfinches, Kingfishers, Robins, among others. The display will be exhibited at Hampton Court Flower Show by One Church Street Gallery.

The armatures for the birds being exhibited at the flower show are made with Ormiston Wire?s 0.71 mild galvanised steel wire and the twigs that they perch on are prepared using Ormiston?s 2mm black annealed mild steel wire. The wire is strong enough to keep the shape of the birds and hold the weight of the recycled decorative materials, while malleable enough for Barbara to easily make ongoing changes to the shape of the three-dimensional sculptures.

?I have been a customer of Ormiston Wire?for quite a few years now,? said Barbara. ?The mild galvanised wire that Ormiston Wire?provides is always beautifully clean and totally free of any blemish. This is very important as I solder tin pieces onto the wire armature and this requires clean surfaces for the solder to properly adhere to.?

Inspired by the shapes and sculptural forms of animals, Barbara?s distinctive artwork has been exhibited in galleries across the country and recently featured at the famous Chelsea Flower Show. To see more of Barbara Franc?s sculptures, please click here

Hampton Court Flower Show is the world?s largest annual flower show and features stunning show gardens, floral marquees and pavilions, and a selection of talks and demonstrations. This year the flower show takes place on 8-13 July 2014.



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