British Inventor makes installing fence posts easier.?

At Glee this year SteadyPost Ltd will reach a major milestone as they officially launch FenceFins?, a new product which reduces the challenge of fence post installation.

FenceFins? are a pair of steel braces that are nailed to the post and then sit just below ground level.? They provide resistance against the soil to counter the force of the wind on the fence.? ??Their strength comes from their unique A-shape and not their weight ? a pair for a 3?x3? post weighs only 1.3kg.? ??They don?t need heavy labour to put in and can be adjusted during installation to make it simple to get a post really straight.? Per post they are priced similarly to spikes or quick-setting concrete, and a 4?x4? size is also available.

The inventor is John Gibbs, a retired structural engineer.? He and his SteadyPost team will be at Glee for the first time, in the Innovators Zone on stand 20H48. ?There will be exciting news announced on Sunday at Glee for FenceFins? – so come and meet them to hear all about it!

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