Bromsgrove knitters join in with world wide event at Burcot Garden Centre

The car park at Burcot Garden Centre was filled with the click of knitting needles last week as part of Worldwide Knit in Public Day.

Knitters and crocheters from around the area came to the garden centre as part of a knitting session organised by keen knitter and crochet tutor Kim Neale.

Ms Neale, who running several crocheting evening classes at NEW College in Bromsgrove and operates a shop in the garden centre, invited knitters to come along and meet up, for a chat, a knit and a slice of cake from the centre?s cafe to mark the day.

She said: ?Everybody had a really nice day. The weather was really good for us.

?I?ve knitted forever, and I saw online about Worldwide Knit in Public Day, and thought if we can get more people knitting and crocheting than sitting in front of a computer, all the better.?

The knitting experiment, which was running for the first time this year, attracted thousands of people all over the world to sit and knit in public, and around 20 people turned out throughout the day to the Bromsgrove event.

Ms Neale added: ?Hopefully it will get momentum. I?ll definitely do it again. People are a little bit reticent, but they had a fantastic time. I had one lady say ?you must tell me next time you do something, so I can come along?. It?s really about promoting knitting and other crafts. It?s about people doing a craft.”

Ms Neale runs several evening classes in crochet at NEW College which are open to the public.

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