Buckingham garden centre partners with school for leavers present

Great Horwood school has partnered with Buckingham Garden Centre in Buckinghamshire to give students leaving today a meaningful gift.

The schools ethos committee came up with the idea to give each child a plant on their last day.

Janthea Brigden works at the school:

“It’s something that will grow with them in the next stage of their life. Something that they could look after, watch and see develop.

“Buckingham Garden Centre have been fantastic, the children where are able to choose one that appeals to them and that will be right for their garden.

“the other thing I have done is provide an individual care sheet for each plant for each child. So every child will have a sheet that will help them give it the right light and food, so it really is a nurturing experience.”

Instead of payment for this partnership, the school have asked instead that a donation to mental health charity Lindengate is considered.

The school will also be giving children photos of their friends from school, to remind them of the fun memories and help make up for the missed time during lockdown.

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